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November 10 to November 12, 2020 (in 15 Days)

While there have been many events on interoperability and data sharing, whats unique here is our focus on the BUSINESS rationale for health data sharing.The bases of competition in healthcare are shifting to competing on quality, cost, and patient experience. This shift creates a business imperative to share information, not to hoard it.Hoarding data is not only bad for business but can be catastrophic in a crisis.Data of all kinds has an important role in public health, logistics management, and the healthcare supply chain.The patients role is critical in coordinating their own care, testing, results reporting and care managementThe Health Data Unbound Virtual Conference will focus on the emergent need for interoperability of all kinds, implementation of appropriate sharing of patient information, high priority use cases, value propositions, companies with enabling technologies, business models and strategies.

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