Social media got to do

What’s Social Media Got to Do With It?

Patients rely heavily on peer-to-peer health support through various social media channels, such as Twitter.Social media channels, like Twitter, are a conduit for exposing shortcomings and complaints, as well as celebrating good deeds and jobs well done.

Nothing goes viral faster than examples of human beings being taken advantage of or falling victim to broken practices and policies.

Cries of despair coming from sick patients who are being taken advantage of, receiving sub-par care, and forced to deal with unlawful, discriminatory practices are often very quickly shared and frowned upon.Tweets and tweetorials calling out such practices are often picked up by local media, journalists, and even exceptional reporting in big name publications & media casts. Company social media managers respond very quickly to mediate negative comments on Twitter.

Our professional word of advice: Don’t be caught dead being a data blocker that is impeding patient care, safety, and the patient experience.

What is your organization doing to prevent data blocking and to address lack of transparency? Do you know about the intricacies of how data blocking and lack of transparency at your organization negatively impact patient care, safety, and the patient experience? Is your organization or practice championing patient access to data? How are you conveying that information to patients so they may recognize your dedicated efforts?

Unblock Health provides patients and carepartners with a way to demand access to information that is critical for people to make informed, engaged, and empowered decisions about their care. Unblock Health also supports organizations and care providers in their quest to be HIPAA compliant, especially in the ever evolving regulatory environment, so they may meet patients where they are, address interorganizational inefficiencies, and become proud data liberators and access champions.

Social media got to do Unblock Health will bring clarity to opaque, poor HIPAA workflows that endanger patient safety, empowerment, and engagement.

But how does Unblock Health REALLY work? Our next piece will be juicy. Stay tuned!

Yours in Data Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano & Shahid Shah

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