Isn’t HIPAA Enough?

We MUST level the playing field so patients can fight back when faced with data blocking and lack of transparency.

It’s only a matter of time until it happens to you or your loved one. When you are dealing with a life-altering, earth-shattering diagnosis and you can’t get access to your medical records, it’s an absolute disaster. Trust us. We know professionally and personally. Together, we can eliminate data blocking, enhance information integrity, drive transparency, and truly empower patients. This is consumerism of the future.

The reality is, it’s not enough to be HIPAA 1996 compliant in our digitized world. The new Roaring 20’s expect bigger and better things! Unblock Health recognizes that HIPAA repeatedly and regularly fails patients and their carepartners daily. HIPAA violators are not held accountable. Those that are data liberators are not nearly celebrated enough as ecosystem role models. Patients and consumers have a right to know who is creating barriers and who is paving the way for them to be successful in their healthcare journey. Unblock Health will be leveraging the power of social media to lead REAL change.

Unblock Health is revolutionizing patient empowerment, real-world interoperability, and transparency of the future. Unblock Health tackles real-world patient unmet needs, providing the actual interoperability people and consumers need to be informed, empowered, and engaged members of their healthcare journey.

HIPAA Looking to end data blocking? Are you seeking transparency? Unblock Health will lead the way.

But what does social media have to do with it? Glad you asked! Don’t miss our next piece! Can’t wait that long? We don’t blame you! Dive in at https://www.unblock.health/ and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Yours in Data Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano & Shahid Shah

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