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What is the Value of Unblock Health?

Data blocking and lack of transparency are 2 of the biggest detriments to not only patient empowerment and engagement, but also to patient care, safety, the patient experience, and consumerism.

Point of care is in a state of dynamic metamorphosis. Gone are the days where doctors only know best. There is a clear shift from paternalistic to participatory medicine, where patients are not only demanding the driver’s seat to their care, but are also hitting the accelerator and driving through any barriers in their way.

Patients and consumers want access to their health information where they are, immediately, at the touch of their fingertips, especially when their life, or their loved one’s, depends on it.

Unblock Health is designed to authentically meet patients where they are, supporting their struggles with data blocking and lack of transparency in their local communities and care settings.

There are currently no other patient self-advocacy tools to:

  • facilitate and digitally support patient-initiated amendment requests.

  • assist patients struggling with data blocking. Tracking barriers to data access, documenting and reporting HIPAA violators, as well as celebrating data liberators, are critical to the future of healthcare, authentic consumerism, and real-world interoperability.

  • assist patients in requesting their data from mhealth and digital health technologies, such as, but not limited to, wearables, apps, remote patient monitoring devices, etc. Patients need real-time access to all their data for it to be actionable.

  • request an itemized list of where their data has been shared and/or sold.

DATA BLOCKING Unblock Health is glowing with value for patients, carepartners, consumers, and care providers who are ready to champion data access and end information blocking

But what about HIPAA? Isn’t that enough, you ask? Stay tuned for our next piece! Can’t wait that long? We don’t blame you! Dive in at and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Yours in Data Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano & Shahid Shah

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