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What is Unblock Health?

Unblock Health is a first-in-class patient advocacy tool designed for patients and consumers who are determined to be empowered in their health care journey and are no longer willing to accept traditional barriers to their information. Unblock Health is armed and ready to address common, real-world, unmet needs patients, their carepartners, and consumers face daily.

Unblock Health is designed to:

  • hold healthcare organizations & care providers accountable when they do not release medical records in a timely, HIPAA compliant manner, while carefully tracking the process of interactions needed. Functionality is in place to publicly report both data blocking and HIPAA violators in real-time as well as to celebrate data liberators and access champions in the public domain

  • request patient-generated health data (PGHD) from mhealth & digital tech devices and apps.

  • request an itemized list of all the places that one’s health information has been “shared” or sold to facilitate transparency and awareness of human data science practices.

  • facilitate a digital workflow for the implementation of addendums that may be flagged by patients and carepartners upon review of their medical records and health information.

patient advocacy tool Unblock Health is the key to the top 4 barriers patients and consumers face in making informed decisions about their care

But what is the value of Unblock Health, you ask? Stay tuned for our next piece! Can’t wait that long? We don’t blame you! Dive in at and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Yours in Data Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano & Shahid Shah

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