We Can Reduce & Eliminate Patient Medication Errors

We Can Reduce & Eliminate Patient Medication Errors

Errors in patient medication data are a disaster and safety error waiting to happen, especially in cases where there are multiple comorbidities, chronic illness, life-altering, life-limiting conditions and in our elderly populations who frequently have dozens of medications to manage. As the primary carepartner to 2 disabled adults and the carepartner to a loved one with metastatic cancer, I can personally assure you that errors in medications can mean life or death and most definitely be the reason a loved one avoids the ER.

This article in Becker’s Hospital Review, entitled The Downstream Effects of Fractured Medication Data, highlights anxiety-inducing facts, including:

  • 85% of inpatient medication errors originate from med history collected during admission
  • Almost 1% of all medication errors result in an ADE-related readmission
  • 8 errors in med histories collected by nursing and hospitalist staff per high-risk patient
  • 70% of patients admitted through the ED have errors on home medication lists

Not only am I laser-focused on patients having access to their medical records so they can get the care they need, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of patients’ records being correct and up to date. This has been the driving force behind creating Unblock Health, a SaaS tool for healthcare delivery organizations, providers, and physicians to transform their patient access workflows (AKA goodbye fax machine, scanners, paper & clipboards, endless portal messages, phone calls, and in-person visits to the front desk) and help patients and consumers seamlessly request the information they need AND request corrections to these said records once they are in their possession.

The downstream effects of fractured medication data is gravely concerning. We must change that and we can together with Unblock Health.

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