Patient Need-to-Knows Data Exchange and Medical Records

Patient Need-to-Knows Data Exchange and Medical Records

Patients, their families, advocates, and consumers face vast gaps of information that they, unfortunately, are NOT connected to in the healthcare arena.

One of the most common frustrations I hear from patients and their families is:

"Why don't my medical records go where they need to go?"

Given the nature of our digital world, it’s a logical and acceptable question and frustration. To get to the crux of the matter, I turned to the best subject matter experts on all things health information exchange, interoperability, and medical records in my network.

This episode of Patient Need-to-Knows is bursting at the seams with information on all things health information data exchange and medical records. Dr. Steven Lane is a practicing primary care physician at Sutter Health who is passionate about improving patient care, public health and medical research by securely getting the right information to the right users at the right time in the right format with the right supporting functionality and workflows. Arien Malac is senior vice president of research and development at Change Healthcare, where he addresses high scale information exchange and improved care, improved health, and cost containment through the use of clinical data. Prior to that role, he was at the Office of the National Coordinator, as Coordinator for the Direct Project and the Standards and Interoperability Framework. Dr. Steven Lane and Arien Malac also co-chair the Information Standards Workgroup, a sub-committee of the Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC).

Listen in as we dig into:

  • the inside scoop on why they do what they do right now at the intersection of health care, policy, and data

  • why our medical records don’t simply “go” where they are supposed to

  • what the heck HITAC, USCDI, and ISA are and what they have to do with medical records

  • what special sorcery are data standards, who makes them, where on earth do they come from

  • what are some of the biggest policy changes that patients and families need to know about in 2022 with respect to their medical records

Don’t miss the specific advice on how patients, carepartners, caregivers, and advocates can get more involved in standards development and federal policy initiatives. The patient and carepartner voice is greatly needed. Listen in to see how you can help today.

The fun starts here: Patient Need-to-Knows: Data Exchange and Medical Records

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