Patient Need-To-Knows: Non-Clinical Uses of Medical Records & Pediatrics

Patient Need-To-Knows: Non-Clinical Uses of Medical Records & Pediatrics

The healthcare ecosystem largely focuses on clinical uses of health information and medical records data. Did you know that there’s a spectrum of non-clinical uses for medical records that ALL individuals should know about?

In the latest episode of Patient Need-to-Knows, healthcare futurist & rockstar advocate & caregiver, Erica Johansen and I talk about little known ways that individuals can use their medical records to achieve necessary, positive outcomes that are not necessarily clinical in scope. Patients and their carepartners do a great deal of work to ensure that they or their loved ones get the care they need. That care may not always be clinical, but may be specialized education, relationship management with various agencies and payors, or orchestrating legal affairs.

Erica shared her experiences as a primary carepartner to her son and their journey through pediatric cancer and survivorship.

She shared examples of the Patient Administrative Burden that she endures to ensure her medically complex son is safe and thriving and highlights the spectrum of non-clinical tasks that are critical. Examples of these Patient Administrative Burdens include:

  • Advocating for the patient in school
  • Managing a team of private duty nurses and nursing agency representatives
  • Managing relationships with insurance
  • Managing relationships with the State complex care programs
  • Coordinating travel arrangements
  • Auditing and reconciling supplies
  • Troubleshooting supply and equipment issues
  • Advocating for the patient in legal affairs

Listen in as we hone in on key uses of medical records in medically complex pediatrics.

Learn how having access to medical records decreases Patient Administrative Burden, both the physical work that individuals need to do so patients may get the care they need and the mental and emotional traumas people routinely encounter in health care.

Don’t miss the special announcement and reveal Erica has about how she found a positive way to channel the grief, exhaustion, and tolls of being a caregiver and advocate into an avenue for healing through a brand new (not-to-be-missed) non-profit, August’s Artists.

Patient Need-To-Knows: Non-Clinical Uses of Medical Records in Medically Complex Pediatrics:

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