Is this really a tool designed for patients to use directly?

YES! Patients frequently run into challenges when acquiring their medical records and health information. There is currently no way to track and document the often tedious, back and forth process of gathering one’s information. From endless phone calls, faxes, voicemails, handwritten requests dropped off in person, to requests being left unaddressed, Unblock Health is committed to putting an end to the insanity with our technology.

Will patients be charged for using Unblock Health?

While we are currently in start-up mode, the working model will be that funding will come from the companies and entities that are responsible for data blocking in the first place as Unblock Health will be automating & streamlining their work. Unblock Health will be available to health systems and providers on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Why do we need a tool like Unblock Health if HIPAA violations can be reported to Office of Civil Rights (OCR)?

When you have a chronic illness, a life altering diagnosis like cancer, or a personal emergency, you need access to your or your loved one’s records NOW. Patients and their carepartners need a way to hold the system accountable when there is clear data blocking. Filing a report with OCR is a way to report a violation however it does not keep the violator(s) accountable in real-time to give you access to your records or information. Unblock Health is committed to providing patients and their carepartners with a way to change data blocking.

Will Unblock Health be able to integrate into existing systems?

Yes! The goal is for Unblock Health to integrate so no one has to do any manual work. When Unblock Health cannot integrate into a system, it’s because an organization or provider does not want to.

How can my organization stay up-to-date on the latest policies and regulations to ensure compliance as well as to prevent data blocking?

Data blocking is not only against the law, it can negatively impact patient safety and patient care. Unblock Health offers personalized training and educational sessions to address all real-world data blocking issues. Inquire about our training sessions today.

Should errors in medical records be corrected?

With increased access to their medical records, more and more patients are finding errors and gaps in information upon reviewing their medical records. It is critically important to have these errors flagged and corrected as soon as possible as these errors and gaps can negatively impact coordination of care, treatment planning, patient safety, informed decision making, and even clinical trial enrollment. Unblock Health provides patients with a way to immediately address medical record addendums where they are in a systematic manner. No more hand-written addendum record requests!

Does Unblock Health review, rate, or vet third-party apps which may serve as a personal health record (PHR) or patient access solution?

No. Unblock Health is not a standardization, certification, or vetting authority for patient access technologies but rather a software solutions provider, policy shaper, and patient access educator. If you are an innovator with such an app or solution, you may consider reaching out to Medigy, a platform that allows for the community to conduct peer reviews and vetting by way of a crowd-sourcing model. For more information, please reach out to Medigy here.