Q. We already have a patient portal. Why would we need Unblock Health?

As patient satisfaction scores become more important and new regulatory rules come into effect, Unblock Health reduces patients’ administrative burden by making it simple to request records 247.

Easily integrating with any EHR, we serve as “the bridge” across your digital solutions to deliver a great patient experience while complying with all Information Blocking Rules.

Q. Our medical records request info is on our website. Why would we need Unblock Health?

Most websites fall short of patients’ needs. They also lack the information and tools your team requires to fulfill requests.

This forces patients and families to contact various departments, download multiple forms, or hunt for return addresses and fax numbers. It’s a difficult, frustrating process.

But with Unblock Health, everything is together in one place, lightening the load for your team and bringing a quality experience and peace of mind to patients.

Q. Patients don’t understand or care about their records—they don’t even use portals. Why would we invest in Unblock Health?

Patients have a right to access and inspect their medical records, regardless of their perceived interest or understanding.

Plus, as of October 6, 2022, the Information Blocking Rules extend to all electronic health information (EHI). Providing patients with complete access to their records is now mandatory.

Unblock Health supports healthcare delivery organizations and providers to meet patients’ needs while preventing Information Blocking complaints, investigations, and penalties.

Q. Is Unblock Health a personal health record (PHR)? Does it collect or house patient medical records?

No, we are not a PHR. We do not gather or store any patient medical records. We do not pull records on a patient’s behalf.

Unblock Health is a software platform that transforms the processes for medical records requests and corrections. We are the conduit for receiving and fulfilling requests efficiently while complying with government regulations and respecting the wishes of patients and consumers who prefer to stay unaffiliated with third parties.

Q. What if our medical records department is small or understaffed? Could we benefit from Unblock Health?

We believe every health information manager should be able to work efficiently at scale. That’s why our platform supports teams of all sizes—even small departments.

Regardless of size, could your team benefit from fewer of the following?

  • Incoming phone calls clogging up phone lines
  • Faxes (and replicate faxes) sent by patients who never get confirmations or updates
  • Patients and family members showing up in person
  • Potentially harmful fulfillment delays
  • Frustrated health information managers and patients
  • Fines and corrective action plans that can hurt your organization’s reputation

Unblock Health brings the improvements needed to operate efficiently at scale, delivering the best service for every patient.

Q. Is this really a tool designed for patients to use directly?

Yes! We’re committed to helping patients get their records with better satisfaction at every step along the way.

Patients frequently struggle to access their medical records and health information. They can’t track the tedious, back-and-forth processes to gather what they’re looking for.

We eliminate the need for endless phone calls, faxes, voicemails, handwritten requests, and in-person visits—sharing information with patients as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

Q. Are patients charged for using Unblock Health?

No. Healthcare organizations provide funding on a monthly or annual subscription. Contact us for more info.

Q. Why do we need Unblock Health if HIPAA violations can be reported to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR)?

Reporting HIPAA and data blocking violations doesn’t correct the issues or give patients real-time access to their records.

Unblock Health does.

Q. Does Unblock Health integrate with our existing systems?

Yes! Unblock Health integrates with any system or EHR.

Q. How can my organization stay up-to-date on the latest policies and regulations?

We offer personalized training and educational sessions to address real-world issues and regulations. Reach out to learn how we can help your team.

Q. Does Unblock Health review, rate, or vet third-party apps that serve as personal health record (PHR) or patient access solutions?

No. Unblock Health is not a standardization, certification, or vetting authority for patient access technologies. We are a software solutions provider, a policy shaper, and a patient access educator.