Worse than the Stone Age: Stuck in the Paper Age

Worse than the Stone Age: Stuck in the Paper Age

I’ve been helping mom clean out years of paperwork.

I came across a medical record request from her health plan, circa 1995.

25+ years later, many doctors, hospitals, & healthcare delivery organizations are stuck in 1995.

This is why I co-founded Unblock Health: a 1st in class digital patient access front door that is meticulously designed from the patient & carepartner perspective while deeply rooted in strategic business operations, all things interoperability, HIPAA, smart on FHIR, and the future of care where patients are.

Patients & their families are fed up with healthcare delivery organizations that don’t have an appreciation for the work they need to do.

Patients & their carepartners are sick of healthcare delivery organizations that clearly don’t value their time.

The Information Blocking Rules and Cures Rules are just around the corner.

Don’t get caught with a bad reputation in the public domain as an information blocker, needing resolution agreements with hefty fines, and corrective action plans with monitoring.

Reach out to learn more about how Unblock Health can catapult your organization or practice to being a patient access champion of the future.

Yours in Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano

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