Eliminating Patient Administrative Burden

World Cancer Day 2022: Eliminating Patient Administrative Burden

February 4, 2022 is World Cancer Day. Too many patients struggle with severe barriers to accessing the care they need. These barriers and delays in care are documented to result in poor outcomes, progressive, advanced disease, as well as inhumane grief, suffering, and death.

This is unacceptable.

All patients should have the right to access the care they need to obtain a proper cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.

All patients should have the right to access the information, tools, and technology they need to make informed, educated decisions about their care.

All patients should have the right to learn about all treatment options, including clinical trials, precision medicine, advance care planning, palliative care, and all end-of-life care options.

All patients should have the right to live their best life no matter where they are with their cancer diagnosis, in a culturally sensitive, and compassionate manner, free from stigma and judgment.

All patients have a right to be connected to peer health support so no one walks their cancer diagnosis alone.

All patients have the right to whole-person cancer care that prioritizes physical health, mental, emotional, sexual health, and spiritual aspects.

This World Cancer Day I think of all the people that I have had the honor of walking beside in my 20+ years of advocacy work who were stolen too soon by cancer. I can not unsee all the suffering I’ve witnessed due to our fragmented healthcare system.

This World Cancer Day I double down on being laser-focused to reduce, if not eliminate, the Patient Administrative Burden associated with cancer for ALL patients. If I can alleviate even an ounce of suffering, it is all worth it.

For more information on what you can do this World Cancer Day: https://www.worldcancerday.org/about-us

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