The Secret Society that Is AI/ML Powered Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

The Secret Society that Is AI/ML Powered Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

I’m finding that when specifically asked, doctors do not want to discuss the AI/ML/NLP enabled tools they use that may help guide their decision-making about an individual patient’s care & care coordination.

The use of AI/ML/NLP powered clinical decision support (CDS) tools is typically not noted in a patient’s medical record.

Patients do not get a copy of any AI/ML/NLP generated outputs, such as scores, reports, graphs, trends, or alerts that may play a significant role in determining their care.

There is no information on how the use of AI/ML powered tools impacts patient billing: does use of these tools increase or decrease patient out-of-pocket costs? How are the increased costs or savings noted and where?

Health care delivery organizations and providers do not discuss AI/ML powered tools that they typically use on their organizational websites. It’s as if it is a secret society.

There is zero information or transparency. This status quo is unacceptable.

This is a major problem, especially considering the majority of the health care ecosystem is moving towards AI/ML powered innovations and digital health.

Patients have a right to know about AI/ML powered CDS that may be guiding their care. How do we change this?

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