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Now Where Do I Put Them?

It’s great to raise awareness about medical records and one’s right of access by HIPAA. People naturally begin asking more involved questions, which is a good thing! One question we at Unblock Health get quite frequently is:

Once you get a copy of your medical records, where can I as a patient or carepartner store them electronically? Do you have an app for that?

Unblock Health is not a personal health record (PHR). We do not offer an app to help you store your records once you have collected them. While we are not formally vetting and recommending apps to patients, carepartners, and consumers just yet, there are options currently available for individuals to consider.

Microsoft OneDrive allows users to save their files and images and access them anywhere. A OneDrive Basic account with 5GB of storage is free while 100 GB storage is $1.99/month. Files can be accessed across all devices and even offline. OneDrive can help patients, their carepartners, and families collaborate, sharing records, files, images, and folders of health information via an email or text link. OneDrive options for monthly subscriptions are available here

The CARIN Alliance, a multi-stakeholder collaborative committed to ensuring individuals get access to their digital health information so as to fulfill their health care goals, recently launched the My Health Application website. The website provides consumers with a listing of apps that have committed to the CARIN Alliance Trust Framework and Code of Conduct who have the functionality to aggregate health information. While any apps listed on this site should be carefully reviewed, especially their use cases and privacy policies, these are a great starting point.

What other apps or services have you come across or actually use to maintain your health records? We look forward to watching this space grow with the advent of the health care digital app economy.

Yours in Unblocking Health,

Shahid Shah and Grace Cordovano

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