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I Don’t Want Surveys; I Want Solutions

As a patient, the primary carepartner to 2 disabled adults, and a patient advocate to countless individuals, my life is inseparable from encounters in health care. From routine care, to urgent care, to emergency care, to life saving measures, to do not resuscitates, to active death care, and the mystery and heavy grief of death, no two moments are ever really alike. However, the barriers, shortcomings, and opportunities for improvement glaringly overlap and stick out over and over again.

It’s mind-boggling to wonder how one can continue to run into the exact same bottlenecks, the exact same problems, that exact same poor workflows no matter what the hospital, practice, or health care delivery organization.

Anyone who is a patient is familiar with receiving surveys at some point after their health care encounter or after their discharge. As someone who carefully fills out patient surveys and provides as much detail and feedback, positive or negative, as possible, I can’t help but wonder if patient experience surveys are enough.

I don’t want surveys. I want solutions. There’s no shortage of what I see as logical, simple solutions that should be implemented at hospitals, HDOs, or physician practices. Where do I go with them? Who do I talk to? There must be more than just tweeting about it. I’m not the only patient, carepartner, or advocate that has actual solutions and strategies ready to share and prototype. It’s time for a new department: The Office of Patient Solutions. I don’t want to fill out another survey; I don’t want to share my experiences. I want to apply my knowledge and experience to solving and co-designing real solutions that will make a difference in peoples’ lives.

I want to be able to connect with HDOs, hospital CEOs, and leadership teams to help them better understand the challenges I may face as a patient or carepartner, what the solution may be, and how to prioritize and collaborate in real-time to fix it.

Without a fancy professional network with ample opportunities to connect, most individuals will never get farther than the patient experience survey.

How can patients share their experiences but also discuss meaningful solutions at their local health center or physician practice? Stay tuned for our next exciting endeavor where we will take this conversation live.

Yours In Unblocking Health,

Grace Cordovano, PhD, BCPA

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